Destination Middleburg

Authentic Lifestyle Events in Horse & Wine Country

Corporate & Special Events

Destination Middleburg offers sophisticated event concepts that reinforce brands, advance initiatives, encourage teamwork and celebrate milestones.  We are able to manage and direct every aspect of event design production and have worked at the highest level for some of the most demanding clients. 

When it comes to Middleburg, our seasoned, state of the art production services are reinforced by exclusive insider knowledge of the best local comforts and experiences.  Contact us to handle every detail of your corporate meetings and events.

Creative & Production:

  • Set and graphic design
  • Design of social events and activities that strengthen underlying themes and messages
  • Content creation -- still and motion graphic design, video production and editing
  • Event Décor
  • Detailed AV technical services
  • Presentation services and script writing for speaker and presenters
  • Real-time use of social media; event content distribution across relevant social media outlets

Guest Services:

  • Invitations, registration and guest management
  • Speaker and presenter services
  • Housing and accommodations coordination
  • Guest travel and transportation
  • Simultaneous event tracks for spouses and children
  • Social activity schedules for each guest
  • Catering and pairings
  • Dedicated guest services phone and email accounts
  • Round-the-clock onsite guest support operations
  • Advance event guides, visitors guides and other useful guest tools
  • Coordination and distribution of attendee gifts
  • Post-event communications and thank you’s

Core Planning:

  • Venue selection and management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Budget management and oversight
  • Design, printing and distribution of nametags/credentials, agendas and collateral materials
  • General administrative support
  • Planning timelines and production rundowns